Who do you cheer for?

As I begin my research topic, I have had more and more women reach out to me to share what they have experienced with competition in the workplace. And my heart saddens for a few hours because it is someone I care about, and then I realize how motivated I am to research this topic.

So here is my question you, my beloved readers, who do you cheer for?

Let me own my shit. I don't have a girl gang. I have women I individually support, adore, fan girl, and love the shit out of on a daily basis. These women do not know each other, which will make my future wedding even more fun, but I am forever in their corner.

At work, sure I struggle. I don't want someone's job. The younger me would say "I could do this better than you" or "I could be this position and mine". I am at a place where I want quality of life. I don't care to compete. I want you to do well.

But let me communicate my needs so we are on the same page of cheerleading:

Basic Job Functions: Splits, Cartweels, and High V's

If we are held to the same standards, I want you to meet those standards. Gal pals, I want you to just meet basic expectations. I don't want to take on elements of your job. I just want you to achieve basic job functions.

Accountability: Show up to practice

This is more of a leadership function. I want you to be held accountable. I am not snitching, I am creating boundaries. I need you to do your job. Basic job. I want you to hold me accountable to my job functions too. We are a team.

Team Sport: Stunting is a habit

Working is a team support. I cannot be successful if you are not showing up, being present, or producing. You cannot be successful if I suck. Let's work together. I don't want you to stunt my gross. We need to be a team ladies! Let's identify the players. Research tells us, women cannot identify who is on their team. C'mon!!

Spot me?

So in meetings, why are we throwing each other under the bus? I want to spot you. I want you to spot me. Let's speak kindness and help one another. This brings down our image as women. Girlie, we are a team! Let's act like it.

Gal pals, I want to cheer for you. I have criteria. I can't cheer for a lazy bones, no-shows, or someone not meeting basic expectations. I need you to be the best you.

Who do you cheer for? When you are at work, are you portraying jealousy, withholding information, making a fellow lady look bad so you can look good? What will it take to get you to join the squad? Varsity obviously.

Ra Ra sipping champagne with peach schnapps, sorry coffee fans.


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