Goat Yoga. Why not?

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

I love perusing You never know what fun things you will uncover in your area.

This find: Goat Yoga, Broad Ripple's Farmer's Market, $15

I truly appreciate yoga. You have the opportunity to focus on you, withing four corners of a mat, no agenda, no expectations. You set your intention as you flow into your practice. You end yoga feeling relief, growth or even peace.

Goat Yoga had an experienced yoga teacher with a class full of yogis. My good friend, Trey, joined me on Saturday for the experience. With wellness, always have a buddy. (We also do OTF together!) I met some of my sorority sisters at the market as well. This type of yoga did not come with as much peace and quiet as a practice normally would.

Baby goats bleat aka "baaaaa". A bleat often sounds like a crying human child or a screaming one. Goats bleat when they are distressed. Well, these goats bleated the entire hour. A baby goat also wants to be picked up by the bum area. I did not ask and just went for the hips (see picture). Of course, Trey asked and his goat snuggled in his arms. He became a goat whisper before my eyes. Mine just ran away.

Let's combine my thoughts: a typical yoga practice to experience zen paired with baby goats bleating. Baby goats 1, Sue 0.

Would I recommend this?

If you are a yogi and want to practice in nature, this is not the yoga pairing for you. I participated in a fad, donated to a charity and got a picture with a goat.

Now this picture is my default on dating sites. And people think it is my pet. Dating sites 1, Sue 0. The end.

I had coffee at the Farmer's Market. Shop local.


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