A Guide to Self-Care For Introverts

Guest writer: Melissa Howard ⎸

For introverts, it is vital to learn ways to practice self-care, both for your body and mind. This guide is designed to help fellow introverts (and friends of introverts) to reach ultimate wellness: taking stock, eating well, and mental healthcare. Be sure to click on the hyperlinks embedded in the information to further your curiosity and knowledge on a topic! Remember, you are strong, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Take stock

If you’ve found that lately, you have more tension or stress, it’s worth looking at your routine to see if it’s time to make some changes. Taking care of yourself is an important thing to learn in life, and sometimes self-care needs to be recalibrated when life becomes complicated. One great place to kickstart self-care is by looking for ways to improve your diet.

Eating well

The benefits of healthy eating are endless: not only will you begin to have more energy and lose weight, but you’ll also feel more clear-headed and motivated.

The first step to healthy eating, regardless of the diet you choose to adopt, is getting rid of processed foods. Avoid foods that have a lengthy list of ingredients, and drop overly salty or sugary snacks. Aim to include vegetables into every meal if possible, and opt for hearty brown grains instead of white flours.

As you kickstart your new eating regimen, get in the habit of making your own meals. If you find that it’s hard to make time during the week for cooking dinner, do your meal preparation on the weekends. Aim for recipes that can be frozen, like lasagne or soup.

It’s common to feel bored with your old recipes, so get creative and look online for new meal ideas. Consider using shelf-stable foods such as dried fruit to help jazz up your meals. Be cautious if you’re trying to lose weight because some dried fruit has added sugars to make it last longer. Opt for dried fruit with no added sugar if weight loss is a concern, and choose fruits such as figs, peaches, pineapples, and apples for lower sugar quantities.

If you need some inspiration, consider making basmati rice pilaf with chickpeas and dried fruit—it’s an easy recipe and can be a great side dish. Another healthy option is caramelized onion with date couscous, combining the tangy flavor of onions with sweetness from the dried fruit. Or, for a simple and nutritious snack, make your own homemade dried fruit bars.

Mental healthcare

For introverts, mental health can be tricky, especially if you live with a large family and get limited alone time. For this reason, be sure to make time for yourself, whether it’s going for a long walk alone, or taking a book to the park for some quiet time. You’ll need to set aside time to recharge on your own each day, so have a conversation with your family or your partner if you feel like your self-care is lacking.

As you set aside time for yourself, also consider how your home may be contributing to any negative feelings or stress. Sometimes, homes can harbor negative energy, so take time to clean up and declutter to help clear negativity. Open up some windows, and consider burning sage to help invite positive energy into your space.

Meditation is another great practice for introverts, especially if you work or live in a busy environment. Introverts often feel sensations of peace and calm through meditation, which can ease stress and help you clear your mind.

If you’ve been feeling imbalanced lately, take stock of your routine and see if you need to focus more on your self-care. For introverts, this could mean getting more alone time every day. Start by eating well, which will improve both your physical and mental health quickly. Check out some new recipes, and make your meals more exciting. And if your mental health is still struggling, consider clearing out your house of clutter to help rid your home of negative energy.


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